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the story

When most people think of milk, they naturally picture the a cow, but there are many people in parts of the world who use buffalo milk instead. While on business trip to Pakistan, the owner’s of Morsey’s got a taste of this wonderful alternative to regular cow milk. The sweet and savory taste of the milk inspired them to expand this concept to America.  Although it may be fattier than regular cow milk, Buffalo milk is rich in protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and other important compounds. It’s considered to be the” Cadillac” of milk.

Water Buffalo were originally brought to the United States many years ago to help with clearing out the vegetation that grew in the rivers and creeks in places like Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. Water buffalo served no purpose in the traditional ways of getting milk  because it was not as efficient as regular cow.

To  produce milk,  a water buffalo must be in a relaxed atmosphere and feel comfortable with the people interacting with them. Our Water Buffalos are very important to us, so we treat them with respect and care about them deeply.  This type of relationship creates a bond between us  and the animals.  As a result,  Morsey’s Farms is able to successfully produce milk in quantities that others have been unable to achieve.

Morsey’s Farmhouse is a showcase of what can be done perfectly with water buffalo dairy.  From the butter on the bread, to the gelato and mozzarella, everything is water buffalo!


Located in Wilton, California, Morsey’s Farm is a 50 acre farm home to over 400 Water Buffalo. This heard doubles in size every year making Morsey’s Farm one of the largest buffalo farms in the country!

Morsey’s Farm has been playing a key role in a noteworthy association initiative that has impacted the cheese industry in a meaningful way. In 2017, Morsey’s Farm received the 1st place award from the American Cheese Association for having the best fresh low fat ricotta.

On site is a full facility dedicated to produce milk, cheese, butter, gelato, and other dairy products.  It is the only Grade-A Certified USDA farm and plant in the country.  Our farm is supervised by  Dr. Bret McNabb at UC Davis who helps us maintain the health and growth of our herd. Dr. McNabb is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Livestock Reproduction, and currently serves as the chief of the Livestock Herd Health and Reproduction Service at UC Davis.

To  guarantee the milk we produce is pure, we only feed our cattle fresh grass and hay free of artificial hormones or antibiotics.  We take great  pride in providing the highest standards of care for our Buffalos. This  ensures their well-being and allows us to produce superior quality dairy  products for everyone to enjoy.

The Staff

The Owners

Kal and Yulia have been residents of residents of Los Altos since the mid-90s. Kal, originally from Egypt, is an economist by trade and has been working with international commodities his whole life. Yulia, who is from Russia, worked as a psychologist prior to coming to America. When Kal got the sweet and savory milk while on a business trip to Pakistan, he knew what he had to do. In 2013, the two of them bought their first 6 water buffalo from a breeder in Texas and started to perfect the production of dairy products from water buffalo milk.